Praise for Bottle of Lies

"Eban’s gripping book lays bare how Gandhi’s well-intentioned local action became hellish global fraud. At once a tale of tragic heroism and a sprawling but concisely written epic, it shows how an industry founded to counteract Big Pharma is now uneasily merging with it, creating a two-headed monster whose tentacles ensnare both hapless victims and would-be regulators.... Bottle of Lies is an invaluable exposé, a reportorial tour de force and a well-turned epic."

— David Dobbs, New York Times book review 



Eban’s work is a piece of rigorous attention to detail, backed by dogged hard work. The gory details still shock me. What also helps hold the reader’s attention is its racy style with action, intrigue and conflict. Eban weaves an arresting narrative by deftly moving between personal moments, boardroom drama, global policy, and simplified explanations of the processes of drug production and regulatory mechanisms.... At the least, it's a great example of rigorous investigative journalism...

— Sanjay Nagral, Mumbai Mirror, “How to get filthy rich in rising Asia”

In her fierce and fearless book, “Bottle of Lies,” the investigative journalist Katherine Eban takes us on a journey through the loosely regulated and often corrupt manufacture of generic drugs. Weaving together the story of a terrified but determined whistleblower from India, shady drug producers from China, and a notably timid FDA, Eban’s compelling book should serve as cautionary tale and a wake-up call for consumers, manufacturers, and physicians — “should” being the operative word.

— Deborah Blum, Stat News, “The 23 Best Health and Science Books to Read This Summer”



"A fantastic work of investigative journalism, written in such an eminently readable fashion that the book begs to be turned into a movie."  

- Nitin Sethi, Business Standard 


“[Eban’s] propulsive narrative investigation traces the history of the generic drug boom, revealing how intense demand for cheaper drugs opened a dangerous chasm between what regulations required of drug companies and how some of those companies actually behaved…. Interspersed between detailed histories of the evolution of the FDA and the rise of Indian pharmaceutical companies are astounding scenes of factory workers fleeing from FDA inspectors with garbage bags full of fraudulent records, and a company wiretapping the hotel rooms of regulators strategizing how to conduct a factory inspection. Eban paints a full and disturbing picture that anyone concerned with the pharmaceutical industry should read.”

- Jonathan Lambert, NPR  

“This book will save lives. As I read Bottle of Lies, I was so stunned by the revelations that I tried to think of works of comparable significance, and the first one that came to mind was Silent Spring. What Rachel Carson did for our understanding of the perils facing the environment Katherine Eban has now done for our understanding of the threats to our health from the drugs we take every day. Bottle of Lies is Katherine Eban’s masterwork of global investigative reporting.”

—James Risen, author of Pay Any Price: Greed, Power, and Endless War

Bottle of Lies is a tour-de-force of dogged reporting. In her bracing, panoramic account, Katherine Eban expertly unspools a colossal fraud with momentous implications for public health. She exposes not only the lax standards and rampant corporate greed that produce subpar and dangerous medications, but also the abject failure of the American regulatory apparatus to protect unwitting consumers. This book is so alarming in places that it reads like a dystopian medical thriller. But it’s true.”

—Patrick Radden Keefe, author of Say Nothing and The Snakehead


“A shocking exposé of corporate greed, arrogance, and eagerness to exploit the weak for profit. As Upton Sinclair noted more than a century ago, without proper government oversight, all that remains is the law of the jungle. Bottle of Lies is an important work of investigative journalism. Anyone who takes prescription drugs should read it.”

—Eric Schlosser, author of Command and Control and Fast Food Nation