In the tradition of the great investigative classics, Dangerous Doses exposes the dark side of America’s pharmaceutical trade. Stolen, compromised, and counterfeit medicine increasingly makes its way into a poorly regulated distribution system, where it reaches unsuspecting patients who stake their lives on its effectiveness. Tragically, we cannot trust the purity of the costly drugs supplied by our most reputable drugstore and hospital pharmacies.

Katherine Eban’s hard-hitting exploration of America’s secret ring of drug counterfeiters takes us to Florida, where tireless investigators follow the trail of medicine stolen in a seemingly minor break-in as it funnels into a sprawling national network of drug polluters. Their pursuit stretches from a strip joint in South Miami to the halls of Congress as they battle entrenched political interests and uncover an increasing threat to America’s health.

Eban’s dynamic writing and firsthand reporting make Dangerous Doses a page-turning read as she rides along with the team of dedicated investigators (who call themselves the Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse) and tells the heartbreaking stories of people whose lives were devastated by contaminated drugs. Eban has uncovered a growing threat to America’s drug supply it is homegrown, secret, and so pervasive it will be difficult to eradicate. With the conscience of a crusading reporter, Katherine Eban has crafted a riveting narrative that shows how, when we most need protection, we may be most at risk.


“An investigative journalist digs into the chilling story of how degraded, expired, contaminated and diluted medicines are being sold to American pharmacies and hospitals. The result is a story rich in distinctive characters whose actions range form courageous to outrageous. Vivid writing and impressive documentation in a powerful indictment of a system in need of immediate repair.”

— Kirkus, starred review